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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The ultimate guide to product/service reviews

Just how valuable is a positive product or service review? 

As more and more consumers begin to rely on product or service reviews for adequate advice on any product or service, studies show that objective use of these reviews can in fact increase sales by improving potential user perceptions. These reviews help establish credibility and trust in the minds of potential customers and often help them decide whether or not to buy or use a particular product or service. From a marketing stand point, they are also a perfect way for companies to put across positive messages about their products or services in a cost effective way . The key factor in encouraging a consumer, to buy or not to buy the product or service, is the quality of the review. It must grab the attention of the reader right away and encourage a positive decision to go out and buy the product or use the service.

A review is an evaluation of a product, a service or a company.  There are different types of reviews.
  • A consumer review refers to a review by the owner of a product/service or a user who has sufficient experience using it to comment on reliability and whether or not it delivers on its promise. 
  • An expert review usually refers to a review by someone who has tested several different products or services within a particular product or service line to find out which one works best. 
  • A paid review is the kind where the manufacturer, developer or reseller pays someone to review his product or service.  
Expert reviews are the most effective, especially if you have a good product or service, because they tend to be given genuinely. The general thinking about paid reviews is often that the reviewers have been offered incentives for what they say in their reviews.

A good review needs to be brutally honest, even if it means saying negative things. Consumers who are trying to decide whether or not to buy a product need to know its good and bad aspects in order to make a more informed decision.  The best reviews are normally those written by reviewers who have actually experienced a product or service.  Contrary to popular belief, negative reviews can sometimes build product or service credibility. If your reviews are always positive, consumers may be led to believe that you are hiding the negatives and only highlighting the positives. A mix of negative and positive reviews can be used to improve product and service perception as this makes your offering look honest, meaning that potential users will not only trust your reviewers, but trust your products as well.  Whereas a positive review convinces the users that your offering delivers on what they expect and want, a negative review will show the product or service provider exactly what they are not getting right and offer them a chance to rectify it and get it right.  Good product reviews will hype the strengths of a product or service while at the same time weighing in the weaknesses in a way that makes certain the strengths overshadow the weaknesses.

The value of reviews is fast becoming widespread as more consumers turn towards the internet for product research.  Reviews have now become the largest influencers on how consumers make purchasing decisions in almost as similar a way as word-of-mouth determines the buying process.  But despite these factors, many companies are still lagging behind in their use of reviews.

Reviews can deliver value market intelligence and vital as well as convincing information about your product to potential clients. They have the effect of making people talk about what your product or service is doing, how it affected them, and where they purchased their product or service. The ultimate aim of online reviews is to make a product or service “go viral”. When people start talking about a product or service without being forced to, traffic grows substantially, and in return, more conversions are turned into sales, which ultimately is the goal of reviews - to increase sales.

Reviews deliver two value propositions - knowledge and opportunity: product developers and service providers who have embraced reviews as a sales and marketing tool are gathering this knowledge and benefiting from the opportunity to improve and adapt their product and services to what their consumers want.

Simply put, consumers have become firm believers in product reviews and marketers will need to catch up in order to keep their products or services relevant.

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