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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Media Etiquette

Understand their public and accordingly adjust your choices

Our world is a beautiful world. A world of diverse cultures, ethnicity's and of course different opinions, views and mind sets. 

Whereas I believe in the respect of these diversities, there are some things that are just not on. 

Recently I had an experience that I believe is worth sharing. I walked to the bus stop, as I usually do every morning, and just like every other morning I had a big choice of buses to choose from. With all of them sporting standard features, I boarded one whose radio was tuned to my favorite English language station. As we sped off towards the Central Business District, and just when my favorite morning talk show was about to begin, the driver of the bus unilaterally changed stations and tuned into his favorite vernacular station. I made a mental note never to board that particular vehicle again on my way to, or from work. 

This incident got me to thinking about the media and its role as entertainer, educator and its value to the business community in particular as a tool for attracting and maintaining customers. The proliferation of media houses and new radio and TV stations has thrown open a window of endless opportunity for businesses to reach out to and attract customers. 

But when we have vernacular radio stations broadcasting in languages that can only be understood by a select few people on a bus to work, we seem to be losing the plot. 

Public transport, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, banking halls and other public establishments that cater for cosmopolitan populations need to be particularly conscious of the stations that they tune into. 

This should never be left to the whim of the staff or those closest to the dial. Random and unilateral changing of stations without due consideration to those watching or listening in can make your customers divorce you. 

The challenge is to both the media houses and public utility providers to understand their public and accordingly adjust their choices.