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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is online shopping for you?

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, or office for that matter, and having all your shopping needs delivered to you… from groceries to electronics, clothing to personal care items.  Now that is the life isn't it.  These are just some of the comforts of online shopping.

Online shopping offers consumers and businesses alike numerous benefits and advantages including convenience, better prices and discounts, discreet purchases amongst others.  Chief amongst the benefits is the fact that it saves you the headache of driving or walking around town from store to store checking if particular products are in stock and many more reasons to shop online.

Online shopping is a form of e-commerce where consumer or businesses alike can purchase goods or services over the internet instead of going to a physical shop or store.  Some examples of online retailing corporations include and which after humble beginnings have grown into the largest online stores in the world today.

Advances in technology and the wide world web have has revolutionized the way we do our Shopping and with the internet so readily accessible in our communities, more and more people are turning to online shopping for all their needs..

Consumers can buy virtually anything online without having to leave the comfort of your home or office as most progressive service businesses from groceries to retail outlets have now created websites that list everything they have in stock and also feature products that are on sale.

But online shopping does not come without its cons.  Some of these include shipping costs, the lack of the "see it, touch it and feel it" thrill, detecting defective items after purchase is made, et cetera et cetera.

Ultimately the decision to shop online or not remains with the consumer as each type of shopping has its pros and cons, but when you weigh the pros and cons of online shopping versus the traditional brick and mortar store online shopping comes in way ahead.

Now those are definitely more reasons to shop online.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Swearing in the company of women

Swearing makes one unpleasant to be

Even though I would not call women who frown upon men who swear in their presence prudish, I must say that I also know some women who swear. I think swearing is offensive, whether you are a man or woman, or whether in the company of men or women, or even when you are alone.

Personally I think swearing makes one unpleasant to be with and it will definitely put your relationships with others in jeopardy.

Okay, so some people say that letting off a few swear words does help in venting pent up frustration but, if you feel the need to swear with every sentence just because things are not going your way (which many men I know tend to do), then that’s just not on.

Before we let loose with all those swear words, we should first consider the people around us, and I don’t just mean the women around us! I’m talking about the other men who are offended by this and the children around us who tend to quickly pick up these bad habits.

Whereas swearing might be considered mainstream in today’s society it does jeopardize relationships in a number of ways, more so where those who do not condone it are concerned. Even those who do are affected by it especially when the swearing is misconstrued to be directed at them.

It portrays a bad impression of you during those times when things just don’t seem to go right (and we all have those days, don’t we). You end up looking like someone who looses control of situations rather too easily and this erodes whatever respect people might have had of you.

Whenever we use the “F” word or any other such epithet, we need only look at the people around us to see that the look we are getting is not one of admiration. People tend to be uncomfortable with the use of such cuss words and when it becomes habitual they don’t want to deal with you and thus try to avoid you when they can.

Equally the use of abrasive language (I never heard anyone use pleasant swear words) often turns what might have been engaging discussion or other activity into arguments, fights or contests of wits and this contributes to the decline of civility.

Whereas it may be said that people swear mostly when they are angry or frustrated, I still believe there are other, more productive ways to express these emotions which would help us get along in a more pleasant manner with those around us.

One might say that I want to live in Utopia but then again I believe there are other options.

Make a personality statement

Take your time, take your pick and make a personality statement

The receptionist has just ushered you into the office of a senior executive in a blue chip company. The serious looking chap behind the large desk motions you to a seat while he finishes a telephone conversation on his fixed line. 

Soon he extends his hand across the desk, “How can I help you?” he asks, as you nervously shake his hand.

But before you can answer, his mobile phone rings and you are grateful for the few extra minutes the mobile phone call will give you to organize your thoughts before you make your pitch.  But hold on a minute! What did you just hear before he answered his mobile phone? Did you hear right? Was that a tune from some obscene hip hop song you have heard previously?  Before we pass judgment on this chap, let’s consider one thought for a moment. What is wrong with business executives having musical ring tones of their own choice on their mobile phones? After all there are no laws or standards for ring tones. And what is a ring tone anyway? It’s basically music right? 

As it is universally agreed that the genre of music you listen to says a lot about you then it would also follow that the model and make of phone and its ring tone says quite the same about you.  A customized ring tones provide you an opportunity to stamp your personality on your phone and gives you the opportunity to show some creativity. You can actually download some very creative tunes for your phone from the internet, and in an instant you are ready to showcase your new ring tone.

When buying a mobile phone you should keep in mind that some models do not support downloaded musical ring tones. 

So take your time, take your pick and make a personality statement.