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Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 20 Free Blog Directories

List of top 20 PR 5+ free blog directories with no registration required

The easiest and most effective way to maximize exposure of your blog is to list it in popular directories. Listing your blog in popular directories is important if you want to gain more exposure and increase your targeted traffic, as long as you have fresh and quality content. It also increases the number of backlinks to your blog, more so from these directories themselves.

Personally I do not submit my blog to any directory that requires me to pay, and I do not recommend that anyone should pay to submit their blogs to a directory. There are very many good directories on the www that accept your blog and give you good mileage for your listing - free of cost.

It is however, advisable to select directories with a good PR, preferably PR 5 and above as this improves the chances of your blog and its content showing up high on search engine reports.

The directories listed below are classified first by Google PageRank, then Alexa Ranking. These directories do not need registration but in some cases you may be required to submit your blog to a category or give a reciprocal link. I have indicated "yes" or "no" for these options.

To submit your blog simply click on the name link and it will open in a new page.
Directory Google PR Alexa Ranking Registration Category Link 7 1345 No No No 7 7452 No Yes No 7 42354 No Yes No 7 4048 No Yes No 6 29545 No No No 6 17582 No No No 6 26607 No Yes No 6 2040 No No No 6 63704 No No Yes 6 4550 No Yes No 6 17337 No Yes No 6 43497 No No No 6 59133 No No No 6 61515 No No No 5 47888 No No No 5 858590 No Yes Yes 5 264796 No Yes No 5 440439 No Yes Yes 5 33365 No Yes Optional 5 163601 No Yes Yes
This list is a work in progress and I will continue to update it, as and when Google PR and Alexa rankings are updated. The list should eventually grow to about 100 directories, all of PR 5+.

Do you know any directories that we can add to this list? Send me your suggestions...


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