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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make your keywords work for you

The power of keywords

 The buzz word in todays blogosphere is "keywords"… But just what is a keyword and how does one go about choosing top keywords for their blogs?  A keyword is a word of great significance or a word that acts as a key to a cipher or code.  In SEO terms a keyword is an index entry that identifies a specific record or document and  is used by search engines to find relevant web pages.

Keywords are often used by advertisers in search engine optimization, or by visitors using search engines in an effort to find relevant information based on those particular keywords.  Keywords are used in various combinations of words known as keyword phrases or search terms.  When searching for information on the web you would normally key in a combination of words describing what you are searching for and the search engine then checks its database and returns a list with pages matching your search criteria. Entering single words into a search engine normally returns results which are very broad and often irrelevant hence the use of keyword phrases to narrow your search.  Keywords are the words that are most used to search for information on search engines and can then simply be described as "the right words".  These are the words that get peoples attention and trust, and also persuade them to buy your products or services in the future.  Choosing the right words ensures that you get lots of traffic, new subscribers, earn more revenue and gain more influence in your niche… everything you need for the success of your blog.

Choosing keywords is about knowing the audience in your niche and learning which words will get their attention, earn their trust and thereby drive traffic to your blog. You have to “optimize” your articles and posts for maximum effect on your niche audience.  It does not help to Google the Top Ten Keywords and pick a few to use in your posts irrespective of their relevance.  Keywords must come from your article and should always be the ones that not only best reflect your article, but also get you the most search traffic from people looking for content relevant to those keywords.  If you are looking to build an audience for your website, you will want to use the most effective keywords possible from your articles.  The only way to go about this is researching and looking up the number of searches each version of a keyword gets. (e.g. "website", "web-site", "web site" - we may read these three word in the same way, but search engines consider them to be three totally different keyword phrases).  Doing research is the practically the only way you will learn which keywords are effective for your blog and its niche.

Keywords and keyword phrases are one of the most important components of SEO.  You can boost the traffic coming to your blog from search engines by using effective keywords.  You will have to do keyword research and determine which keywords will drive the highest traffic to your blog.  You can then incorporate these keywords into your post titles, in the blog post, in the image ALT-tags and in the links within your blog.

Try to avoid keyword stuffing as most search engines consider this spamming and will ignore your blog. Using keywords in the first 200 words of your post, in the middle and near the end can be very effective.  Always be sure to use keywords that are relevant not just to your post, your images and your links, but also to your niche audience otherwise you will always turn up in the wrong searches and render your blog irrelevant.

Its important to remember that keywords are not just about getting traffic to your blog - they are about understanding your niche inside and out in order to deliver relevant and quality content to them.


  1. Very good post. The "deliver relevant and quality content" you mention is mostly what the search engines are concerned with. It's also what your readers, prospects and customers are interested in. A lot of people do what you say to avoid, finding the top keywords in a Google search and stuffing them into their post. This will make your post not only irrelevant to the search engines, it will make it unreadable to your intended audience.


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