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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get free backlinks...

"CommentLuv" and four hours reading and commenting on posts!

Yesterday I spent my morning reading articles on various blogs, posting comments on almost each article I read.  Most, if not all of the comments were posted on articles that had the CommentLuv plugin installed.  Those of you familiar with CommentLuv will know why my four hour effort was concentrated on sites which had the plugin installed leaving comments while in the process "marketing" my posts to site owners and their readers.  

CommentLuv is a plugin that gives readers of enabled sites the option of an automatic link back to their last blog post at the end of their comment if they have entered their URL on the comment form.  The plugin visits the site of the comment author as they type and retrieve the latest blog post for inclusion at at the end of their comments.  This effectively gives you an automatic backlink to the site where you have left your comments.

The upside of CommentLuv is that it does encourage social engagement and more comments which is what we need for our blogs to become popular and become monetized. Lets face it;  we all want people to read our blogs and that is why we want our blogs and our articles to appear at the top of search engine results.  To achieve this, we need a good number of backlinks and if these backlinks come from other "top" blogs we are well on the way to achieving this.  As a commentator the biggest benefit is you can get a quality and relevant dofollow backlink from enabled blogs.

The downside? There is a limit to how many relevant comments you can post in four long hours, more so when most of the blogs you visit have nothing to do with your niche or the content of the posts you are linking back to them. But, there is no limit to the number of useless comments (spam?) from commentators who are doing so purely to get that dofollow backlink.

But then again sometimes we all just want an easy way to get a few backlinks.

Here is another way to get those backlinks
Try adding internal links on your own blog or site, from one post to another as these also count as backlinks.  Whenever you write a new post try and link it to a relevant previous post.  This works two ways in that you are adding another backlink for the Search Engines and also encouraging visitors to your site to read more posts via that link.

Other methods to add backlinks include:
Submitting your blog feed to the RSS Directories
Write quality and unique content
Social bookmark your posts
Post videos on your blog and submit them to different video sites
Guest posting

All said and done, lets share the Luv! When you  install CommentLuv on your blog, let me know and I will surely come hunting for that elusive backlink with a comment or two (relevant, of course)


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